What's New

oiled wood bowl Because you have asked… Our beautiful Oiled Bowls, in Cherry or Beech, for those who like to keep it simple and enjoy the natural woodgrain, inside and out. Unlike some bowls sold in popular kitchen stores, our bowls are always carved from a single log of wood, (never pieced or glued together) and should never crack or split when hand-washed. Have a favorite Caesar Salad Recipe? This is the bowl you need! In 12”, 15”, 17” and 20” sizes.
oiled maple bowl Our popular oiled Bowls now come in Maple! For those who enjoy the golden woodgrain and lovely glow of Maple, you will not find a more beautiful or durable hand-turned, one-piece bowl.
oiled cherry cutting NEW! Our wonderful oiled chopping bowls. Ready to help you whip up a beautiful salad in record time. The sharp, curved Mezzaluna Knife will quickly chop, slice and dice your fruits and vegetables, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, and herbs, and keep them contained until you are ready to use them. You’ll wonder how you did without this great cherry-wood tool. In two sizes.
serving utensils For those who love their salad! Our 16” Servers are just the ticket to fit proportionately with our 17” and 20” bowls. Get them oiled ($85), clear-coated ($95) or painted to match your bowl (call us for design and pricing).